About The Wedpreneur

The Wedpreneur is, above all, about elevating the Wedding Industry through education, mentorship, and community.  With a focus on “Smart Business” I help Wedding Pros worldwide learn how to start, grow, or expand sustainable and profitable wedding businesses.  I’ve developed programs that meet the needs of Wedding Pros at the various stages of their careers – from helping those just starting out develop a solid foundation to Pros who need to refine and grow their businesses, there is something for everyone.  I believe strongly that our industry is filled with heart-centric, talented and hard-working people – our challenge, however, is becoming better business-people – and that’s where I come in.

I also believe that as an industry, we are stronger together.  Focusing on community over competition will only raise the bar for everyone, and it’s in the best interest of every member of our industry that we support one another.

About Me

Mary Swaffield

Funny thing: I’ve worked with dozens and dozens of Wedding Pros on writing captivating and authentic “About Me” pages on their websites… but when it came to writing about myself, hello writer’s block!  So I asked myself – what would I want you to know about me?

The official stuff first:

  • I’m a CSEP – Certified Special Event Professional.  If you want to know more about that, go here.
  • I’m current the past Vice Chair of Operations & Corporate Governance with ILEA Canada. I also sat on the Certification Committee with ILEA Headquarters. This year, I’m also thrilled to be part of the Bow Valley College Events Program Advisory Committee.
  • I’m certified through the WPIC as well.
  • I’ve been in the Wedding Industry since early 2009… and I’m still loving it!
  • Specifically, I’m a Wedding Planner & Designer.  I co-own  Smitten & Co. with my fab business partner Janna.  We specialize in fabulously fun weddings that are designed to perfection.  We’ve also won a few awards, courtesy of these amazing people, and been nominated (despite the cliche, it really IS such an honor just to be nominated!) for a Gala Award and an Esprit Award.  I’ve also been invited to participate as a judge for various organizations internationally, which is perhaps the biggest honor of all!
  • In case it isn’t obvious, I love to teach.  I’ve been teaching since I was 10 years old, when I earned my first figure skating coaching certification.  After that, I taught music for 16 years.  After that, I worked for a post-secondary institution developing programs.  And now – well, now I teach passionate wedding pros how to run sustainable and profitable businesses.  I guess you could say that teaching is in my blood!
  • I also have a background in Marketing.  Don’t even ask me where I found time for that, because I can’t even figure that out for myself.  But I did, and it’s something I’m very passionate about.
  • I’ve been working with dedicated and driven Wedding Pros since 2014.  Originally, I offered mentoring unofficially, but eventually I realized that this was my calling, and I downsized my other businesses so that I could devote myself to teaching and mentoring.
  • I love speaking. In fact, I’d zip all over the globe talking to Wedding Pros every day of the year if I had the opportunity! To see where I’m speaking next, visit this page.  If you’re interested in having me come speak to your conference or organization, shoot me a message!

Now for the fun stuff: 

  • Palm trees make me very happy.
  • I’m a mom to three incredibly smart, beautiful children, and they take up most of my free time.
  • I love iced mochas.  So. So. Good.
  • Though I can wine & cheese with the best of ’em, deep down I’m a burger and beer kinda girl.
  • I have an unhealthy obsession with office supplies.
  • After planning over 100 weddings, I still get teary-eyed at every single wedding.
  • The ocean is my happy place.  I try and make it to an ocean at least once a year.  One day, I’ll live somewhere where I can go every day.  That’s my dream.

That about covers, well, me.  At least the major points!  If you want to know more about me, personally or professionally, my advice is to join our amazing community on Facebook. Seriously – I’m there every day and I’m pretty much an open book.  It’s free, and it’s fabulous – hope to see you there!