Outsourcing – How to Know When it’s the Right Move

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A few years back, I read a powerful blog post about the importance of being intentional with where you place your energy within your business.  The author pointed out that far too many entrepreneurs spend countless hours on repetitive administrative tasks – tasks that could easily be done by an intern or assistant.  The time spent on those tasks effectively takes you away from what should ultimately be your top priority – bringing in new business.  If you think about the value of your time in relation to specific tasks, it makes sense: 2 hours spent formatting blog posts and organizing your inbox isn’t the best use of your unique skills.  Essentially, the business is paying you for 2 hours of work, and it’s work that isn’t bringing in any income.

If you could pay someone $20/hr to do this work for you, maybe that will free your time up so you could a) spend more time working with your clients or b) spend more time working to bring in new clients.  What’s that worth to your business? If you can spend one hour on marketing and that brings in a new client worth $5000, is that not far more valuable to your business?

Logically, we all know that this makes sense.  In reality though, knowing when – and how – to outsource specific tasks within your business isn’t quite that simple.  If you’re anything like me, even the thought of organizing my admin work enough to be able to hand it over can feel overwhelming. Maybe you worry about giving someone else control of pieces of your business, or you are stressed about the time it may take you train an assistant.

I get it. It’s extraordinarily difficult as an entrepreneur to let go of any part of our business.

The good news is, outsourcing can have an incredibly powerful impact on your business.  But how do you know it’s right for you? And how do you know if it’s the right TIME for you? How do you decide what parts of your business to outsource? So many questions.

That’s why I’m extremely pleased to announce the next free Masterclass in our Masterclass Series.  We’re welcoming Holly Tillman from Benefit Virtual Assisting & Consulting as our guest presenter this month, and she’s going to share with us some of the answers to the questions above.

Even if you’re not ready to outsource just yet, I encourage you to register and attend this masterclass – the earlier you plant the seeds for outsourcing, the better.  If you start planning now, you’ll find it much easier when the time comes.

Here are the deets!

Outsourcing: How to Know When it’s the Right Move

Guest Presenter: Holly Tillman, Benefit Virtual Assisting & Consulting

Date: Wednesday, November 16th

Time: 6:30pm MST // 8:30pm EST

Here’s what we’ll be covering:

  • Outsourcing options
  • How to prepare for outsourcing
  • Signs that you’re business is ready for additional help
  • Benefits and risks of outsourcing
  • Steps you can take TODAY to free up time in your business for what’s important
  • … and more!

About our Guest Presenter:

Holly is the Founder of Benefit VA & Consulting (soon to be rebranded as Holly + Co.), a creative marketing agency, where she works closely with her team to organize, manage and strategize for small businesses; giving the entrepreneur their valuable time back. She has a diverse background, but all paths have lead to the same purpose, serving others selflessly. For this reason, she believes her calling in life is to help others find happiness and clarity within their business, while maintaining a balanced, healthy family life. Holly resides in Boise, Idaho with her fiance and adorable chocolate lab, Scout.

Register by filling in your info below. 

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