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  • Determining Your Pricing

    Recently, I asked the members of the Wedpreneur Facebook Group how they determined their current pricing.  The results weren’t surprising; the vast majority of those who responded cited two major factors:…

  • Cultivating Creativity in the wedding industry

    Cultivating Creativity

    You know the feeling. You’ve been sitting at your computer for an hour. You’ve already pounded back 2 cups of coffee (or maybe 2 glasses of wine… that’s ok, I won’t…

  • Scope of Work for Wedding Pros

    Defining Your Scope of Work

    Earlier on one of my webinars, I referred to the “Scope of Work” document that I used in my Wedding Planning + Design business. As promised, today I’m going to talk…

  • how to go above and beyond your clients expectations

    The Above and Beyond Dilemma

      Hey Wedpreneurs! During a recent call with one of my coaching clients, an interesting topic came up with regards to the concept of providing the highest level of customer service…